About Africanzone Services

Africanzone is an African portal offering free online services to Africans and the rest of the world. Our free service enables you to:

Meeting African Men and Women

Connect with African singles, men and women, guys and ladies who may want marriage, romance or relationship in African. We offer a free Social network service to allow you meet people of interest to you.

Business advertising and promotion for Free in Africa Business Directory Listing

Freely advertise your business on African business directory listing. Include your business today in our business directory to enable customers from all over African and the rest of the worlds locate your business. No matter where your business is located, as long as it is on Africanzone's business directory your customers are close to making businesses with you. We offer a totally free business listing. So get your business listed today for free.

Market Place to freely sell your products and services

We offer an African marketplace where you can begin selling whatever products or services you have available for the African market. This is a totally free service which enables you to list your products and services so you can begin driving sales to your business 24 hours of the day. You can begin selling Real Estates, Home appliances, Electronics, Computers and accessories, Clothing, Gift Items, Educational Materials (like books), Cars, Trucks, etc.

Job Listing

At Africanzone, you can list available job offers to enable job seekers find jobs that meets their requirements.

Chats and Instant Messaging

Send free instant messages to friends and acquaintances on our African instant messenger. You can freely chat with anyone willing to begin a conversation with you.

These and many more would be available to you upon sign up