Imauctioning Diretc @ R1,150.00 ZAR

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Price @ R1,150.00 ZAR
~ $80.21 USD
Deposit to Nedbank 1077242034 IMTdirect
Account holder is inguga investment.
Ever thought of making money in the comfort of your home?? Well why don’t you join Imauctioningdirect so you can start making money.
All you need to do is to register on site ( with your sponsor name Digital550
Then fund your account through the bank and find banking details at the end of this presentation.
NB//After the account has been funded, login on site and select daily activity and do the following..!
Step 1 ‪#‎Choose‬ affiliate level
Step 2 ‪#‎Pay‬ subscription
Step 3 ‪#‎Go‬ to and login
Step 4 ‪#‎Start‬ bidding by pressing bid 3 times
Silver R1000 .00 @R150 and earn R20 per day
Gold R3500.00 @R300 and earn R87.50 per day
Platinum R10000.00 @R450 and earn R300 per day
Remember no bidding no pay, you bid from Sunday to Friday. When you bid today you get paid the next day. However you can increase your daily earnings by compounding which means you re-invest, you only compound in multiple of 100’s and when you compound it means you increase your daily earnings by 2% on Silver, 2,5% on Gold then 3% on Platinum.
But we need to explain to the people that you can only withdraw once a week from R500 up to R5000


Utrecht, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

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