My Legacy Club @ R1,000.00 ZAR

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Price @ R1,000.00 ZAR
~ $69.75 USD
This is a trading stokvel nothing else, no selling, no recruiting
(unless you want to). We each contribute in one Pot but one receives a
30% profit for 6 months starting with a R1000 - R50000 per
contribution - you contribute as many times as you want, and each
contribution runs its own 6 months.
You will receive a notification every 2 days before you get paid, so
you can plan, budget on this knowing your money is coming.
Once you register, you make a deposit (Born To Win account). You will
receive an sms welcoming you and acknowledging your payment - then you
will arrange with me and get an FNB card that will be used to pay or
the card will be posted to those that are far.
Question that arose was, what if FNB freezes our monies like other
schemes? Be rest assured none of this will happen, because Born To Win
has advisers and they have declared on what kind of business we do,
and even the banks they do Forex so nothing is hidden except that one
declares at SARS the extra income.
After 6 months your contribution falls away and you can start
contributing again if you want to, but you don't have to wait for 6
months to end, you contribute anytime and everytime you have money to
increase your profits.
Your sponsor is Digital550
And register


Utrecht, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

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Contact person:  Hendrick Mbatha

Phone numbers:  +27824220249.

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