Real Lawyers And Real Advice Unlimited 20 Per Month @ $20.00 USD

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Price @ $20.00 USD 109 viewsHave you ever Signed a contract or document?
Been overcharged or treated unfairly?
Received a traffic ticket?
Known a victim of identity theft?
Been In a situation where you thought the advice of a lawyer might be useful?
You need LegalShield. LegalShield gives you the ability to talk to a lawyer on any personal legal matter without worrying about high hourly costs. For one flat monthly fee, you can access legal advice, no matter how traumatic or trivial the issue. Under the protection of LegalShield you and your family can live your life on your terms worry-free, every day, every night.
-Get the right help before you pay the wrong price.
Give us a call.
-Protect your business without going broke.
Give us a call.
-Do you have a loved one in need of legal help?
Give us a call.
-Don't get scammed, robbed or overcharged.
Give us a call.
-Real legal help for hard working families.
Give us a call.


New York, New York, United States

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Mahendra Jain wrote 8 years 6 months ago

For genuine and Serious inquiry of any form of banking instrument (BG/SBLC/MTN/DLC/LC),please Contact : Mr. Mahendra Jain ,Email Skype ID: Jaindra.bglease

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