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Basic Information 

Sex  Male

Birthday  01, January

City  Toronto

State  Ontario

Country  Canada

Languages  English English

Ethnic  African American

Relationship Status  Single

Zodiac  Capricon

Page Statistics 

Total Views  107

Comments  0

Friends  15


Pete S

36 years old guy

Location - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Relationship Status - Single


About Me

Really busy with work at the moment. would like to meet people. looking for a relationship or someone to chat/hangout with and have similar or cool interests. I'm going to go a little further and say that I love traveling,digital painting, reading, talk radio, movies/tv, experiencing new cuisine (Just had real indian food for the first time last week), and red wine;). Why should you go out with me? I think I'm a good guy. I treat women right! I love taking women out to new restaurants, concerts, walking around. i love movies. Well, thank you for reading my profile, if you'd like to chat, send me a message! interests - Design,computer, travel,music, rock, movies, art, tv.
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