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Basic Information 

Sex  Male

Birthday  01, August

City  Atlanta

State  Georgia

Country  United States

Languages  English

Ethnic  Inter-racial

Relationship Status  Single

Zodiac  Leo

Occupation  Entertainment

Website  www.facebook.com...

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Total Views  135

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Friends  12


Kevin Spears


Location - Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Relationship Status - Single


About Me

Considered by many as one of the best kalimba players alive today, Kevin Spears musical gifts have astounded audiences around the world and rewritten what was thought humanly impossible on this exotic musical instrument. Spears' blinding skill and musical creativity are often compared to innovative legends such as Herbie Hancock, Jimi Hendrix and Les Paul among others and his uncanny ability to play multiple musical and percussive ideas simultaneously in a live setting is iconic, pure and simple... Spears music is a mix of funk, afro-beat, latin, trance with a dash of rock that will move your feet and stir your soul. In addition to making his own instruments, KalimbaMan (as his friends call him) performs internationally including a recent tour of Japan and was recently featured and interviewed by Japan's legendary radio personality Masaharu Yoshioka. See: http://www.waxpoetics.jp/blogs/yoshioka/2011/07/05/2289/. Kevin Spears was featured in the international music magazine blog "AfroPop Worldwide" and was utilized for the movie "Teza" by acclaimed Ethiopian filmmaker Haile Gerima. He has recently teamed up with Grammy winning percussionist Count M'Butu of the Derek Trucks Band to form a dynamic world fusion duo called Rhythm Nomadic. Witness the unique artistry of Kevin Spears.
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