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Basic Information 

Sex  Male

Birthday  07, November

City  New York

State  New York

Country  United States

Languages  English

Ethnic  Black / African

Relationship Status  Married

Zodiac  Scorpio

Occupation  Entertainment

Website  www.melodreament...

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Greetings, I am new to the site. Link up and network with the I

Cush I Kushanti

44 years old guy

Location - New York, New York, United States

Relationship Status - Married


About Me

Founder of BlakkAlpha Sound & Vice President, Audio Engineer, A&R, Writer & Artist of a Seven Facets company concentrating in all components of the entertainment industry. Taking the industry by storm Melodream Entertainment has accomplished more in the 4years of it's existence than most independent companies in the field of entertainment business! Melodream has the capacity to produce quality audio, video and film. Melodream is also a talent management company as well as produces it's own periodicals. Cush I Kushanti "P.K.A" (Professionally Known As) Tim "Cush-I" White... Founder of BlakkAlpha Sound Production/Publishing and Vice President, Audio Engineer, A&R, Song Writer, Artist, and Internet Radio Host, of MeloDream Entertainment. “Ksh” is the balance between "Darkness & Light", "Day & Night", "Yin & Yang", "Negitive & Positive", "The I-Ching", the essence of everything that is.... Forever Militant Never Ignorant, Ever Living, Ever Faithful, Ever Sure, Iver Living... JAH RastafarI!!!!!!!
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